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Caduceus silver pendant [Sps-Ca]


The ancient,mystical and spiritual caduceus silver pendant. The cadaceus representing both the kundalini and nadis [in hindu tradition-sushima,ida and pingala], and alchemy [in western tradition]- associated with the Greek god Mercury. The caduceus consists of two serpents entwined around a central rod. It is the symbol of Mercury. This symbol was developed from the myth of Mercury, the messenger of the gods, who intervened in a fight between two serpents. When he intervened, the serpents twined around his wand.... In the seventh century, the caduceus came to be associated Hermes creator of magical incantations, conductor of the dead and protector of merchants and thieves. The precursor of medicine, alchemy, based on the Hermetic spells...... fine detail in thick and solid sterling silver.... weight-5.7gms.; height-4.5cms.[1.8"].; width-2.2cm.[.9"]...

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