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Blessed Luang Phor Chang protection charm [Pc-BLC]


Blessed Luang Phor Chang protection charm. Genuine blessed amulet from Wat Kuan Phat, Thailand. The extraordinary amulet of the Protection Buddha is a famous charm of antiquity with astonishing tales of it's amazing qualities. Basically it has pre-Buddhist tantric origins displaying the yogi covering all of the facial orifices. A mixture of herbs and ceramic, the amulet serves as a tool for transformation and stimulating strength of mind, this is a talisman to help create an amiable aura of love and kindness, thus being a powerful protection charm as well.... the double-sided fine quality ceramic contained has been created in a sanctified alchemic ritual involving a 3 day consecration ceremony accompanied with chanting by the revered monk accompanied by several other monks in the temple creating a transcendental powerful amulet.. Luang Phor Chang is a student of Buddhist psychology, magic and Thai herbs, and is known for his genuine kindness and metta vibration..... set in good quality ornate stainless steel encasing with acrylic cover.... weight-11gms.; height-4cms.[1.6"].; span-2.5cms.[1"].; depth-1cm.[.4"].... please click on enlargement for reverse view displaying image of the yogi covered by Buddhist Pali protection yantras..

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