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Apple Green Jade Happy Buddha pendant [Jp-AGHB]


Apple Green Jade Happy Buddha pendant...Delightful image of the Chinese Happy Buddha {Meila Fu} with is mala prayer beads in his left hand.Long ear lobes denoting his sublime wisdom. Fat belly denoting his joyous happiness. 'Happy is He who knows'..... Nice colour in genuine, natural, unadulterated, flawless, Burmese jadeite with a charming carving of the Happy Buddha. According to the ancient Taoists Burmese jade is the Stone of Heaven, with many sublime qualities, including attracting long life, prosperity, good health and good luck..As this is a good quality thick jade, it will become more lustrous, with deeper colour,and clarity upon wear.... set with sterling silver jump ring.... weight-6gms.; height-3.5cms.[1.4"].; span-2.5cms.[1"]...

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